'Escaped' race horse takes tour of Rt. 1

LAUREL, Md. (WMAR) -  

Lost and confused.  Who knows what Bullet Catcher was thinking with Laurel Park behind him.  Jockey Abel Castellano started recording the ride down Route 1.

"Oh my god I'm on Route 1 following this horse.  He got lost," said Castellano.    

A car behind him was the horse's co-owner Mark Rosenthal.

"I'm thinking oh god I hope he doesn't get hurt or somebody doesn't get hurt, dies in a car accident or him getting hurt cause that is our livelihood.  That's our investment," said Rosenthal.    

The four year old won a race a few years ago, and got on the board with three others.  But the gallop down Whiskey Bottom Rd. and Route 1 through Laurel will be the most memorable.    

He tossed the jockey then traveled 1.6 miles at 30 mph.  What's amazing, he wasn't hit, here were no car accidents, and his shoes didn't cause him to fall over.

"They're not like cleats.  When they're going on the road they're smooth.  And it's like if a horse goes to stop with these shoes it can tend to be like skating on ice," said Rosenthal.      

Even a truck missed Bullet Catcher.  The horsing around came to an end when a group from Laurel Park got him into a trailer.

"I hope he walks out of the stall tomorrow and he's perfectly fine and we forget all about it and go on," said Rosenthal.     

Bullet Catcher was checked out by a veterinarian, who said he seems okay.  But he'll take a few days off before another workout.

Rosenthal says his best guess is Bullet Catcher had a lot of steam after taking a few months off.

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