2 dogs shot after attacking boy

PASADENA, Md. - The 911 calls from a Pasadena home walk us through a terrifying situation for a seven-year-old boy and his aunt. 

"Poor girl is bloody.  She's being attacked by her own dogs.  By her own dogs?  Oh my god," a 911 caller said.    

Anne Arundel County Police say the boy's aunt covered up her nephew with her own body as two American Bulldogs attacked him.  It started inside, but the dogs followed them to the backyard where neighbors could see the bloody boy. 

The dogs were family pets at the home on Barnsley Court.

"He's playing with the dogs and I guess one of the dogs got territorial against him and attacked him," said Derek Rucker, the victim's brother.    

Rucker says his injuries are primarily cosmetic, but part of his scalp was torn off. 

"He does have bite marks and scratches all over his body," said Rucker.      

Neighbors we talked to almost knew this was coming.

"They continued to either dig under the fence or jump over the fence, at one point attacking another neighbor's dog.  I know he had lots and lots of surgery.  I don't know if he made it," said Kristi Ratliff, who lives next door.    

Animal Control responded to the home back in 2007 and placed a potentially dangerous order, which restricted one of the dogs.  Neighbors say the nuisance continued until they had to make the call on Saturday evening.

"Where's the animal now?  They are probably dead because the cops just shot them," the caller said.    

"The officer at that time, fearing for the safety of both victims, discharged his weapon and shot one of the dogs," said Justin Mulcahy, Anne Arundel Co. Police spokesman.    

The second dog then lunged at the officer, who then shot and killed him, as well.

It is a sad ending, but one that may give Ratliff more comfort when she takes her four year old out to play.

"Especially at the holiday season, as a mom I hope that he's going to be okay," said Ratliff.   

The victim's brother says his condition has been upgraded.  He was flown to Johns Hopkins Children's Center in critical condition.

The officer is credited with saving two lives.  Police say he got to the home in two minutes.


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