Dog who went missing after owner's death found

Wesley Jacob’s family can finally start to heal.

Jacob’s died while on a walk with his dog Brutus on June 4 in Patapsco Valley State Park. But then the story took another heartbreaking turn. Brutus was nowhere to be found.

There was no foul play suspected of Jacob’s death . The same cannot be said for Brutus’s disappearance.

A woman stole the 7-year-old pit bull. The family was tipped off that a woman took the dog Friday after the tragedy. Police were called to the home of the woman suspected of taken Brutus, but according to Anne Willis, of Dogs Finding Dogs, the woman “apparently dumped him on the street.”

Dogs Finding Dogs is a tracking company that, like the name suggests, uses dogs to find missing dogs.

“We [had] been chasing after him for over a week,” Willis wrote in an email to ABC2 News. “He was seen repeatedly running on all the exit ramps that surround [Interstate] 895, Route 97 and Route 695 where they merge in Glen Burnie.  He also jumped from one side of 695 to the other two times.  People who saw it and those who almost hit him called us every time.”

Willis took the case pro bono and said Dogs Finding Dogs was honored to help.

“Brutus had a very special angel watching down over him,” Willis said. “Any other dog would have been killed for sure.  Now the family can heal.”

Brutus survived the night after a severe thunder storm moved across Maryland. He was spotted Thursday in the middle of field off of Church Street in Brooklyn Park. The family chased after him, although he ran away. Willis assumed he didn’t recognize the family.

The family called Willis who instructed them to sit at the edge of the field and wait for him to come to them.

As they were easing off, one of the family members saw Brutus inside a gated play area. They darted for the fence and shut him in. Willis said she was told it took a few minutes for him to recognize them.

“The rest is history after that,” Willis said.

Brutus was full of ticks, dehydrated, thin and had an upset stomach and limp. The family said it will get him to the vet tomorrow.

“Now the family can heal from the loss of their dad, Wes,” Willis said.

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