Del. McDonough introduces rat bill

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Delegate Pat McDonough will be introducing legislation known as "The Rat Trafficking Act" that will stop any government entity from allowing rats and other rodents into Maryland on Friday at 1 p.m.

Why you ask?
This is about a law that was passed in Washington, D.C. called the Wildlife Protection Act. This doesn't allow pest control, government agents, or anyone else to kill a D.C. Rat.
According to this act, you must capture the rat, cause no harm to it what soever and release it somewhere else.  
This has caught the attention of Delegate McDonough and Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. They believe that Maryland and Virginia will be at risk for rodents coming into those states.
This could cause serious health problems ,as rats are a breeding ground for disease. They carry diseases such as rabies and lyme disease, amongst others that effect humans. 
This bill will prohibit the Wildlife Protection Act from affecting Maryland, and there will be penalties for those who choose to disregard the law. 
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