Anne Arundel County man and his dog killed in fire

MARYLAND CITY, Md. - "It was horrible."

"We couldn't get in and he couldn't get out."

"Broke the windows, heard him, but couldn't get to him."

Bruce Pensmith and his neighbors couldn't get inside the burning home to save their friend.

The fire inside the Parkway Village Mobile was just too dangerous.

"All the ammunition going off, couldn't get close because all the ammunition going off."

Lt. Cliff Kooser with Anne Arundel County Fire says "neighbors said someone was in the house and we heard ammunition and that delayed the rescue attempts."

The victim, who neighbors say is Steve Herman, was an avid hunter.
And he needed the oxygen for medical reasons.
But the oxygen and the ammunition weren't the only trouble for firefighters.
"Trying to get a hose down the street and there were kids trying to get off to school and the streets are real narrow there."
Firefighters are familiar with this area.  
Two days ago on Monday, another trailer caught fire just a block from here.


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