Crash on 97 in Millersville kills 1, critically injures another


50 year old Wilmer Borgmann is dead and 31 year old Scott Olezak is in the hospital tonight; the result of a tragic chain reaction crash that has troopers looking for a person they say clearly knows they hit and killed a man and kept going.

Police say the work truck the two victims were in hit the center median and overturned just after three this morning on northbound 97.

Investigators say the driver lost control, flipped the truck, throwing the passenger into the southbound lane.

It is as amazing he survived the original accident as it is tragic what happened next.

"The passenger who had been thrown into those southbound lanes was actually trying to stand up, was apparently standing up when he was struck by a southbound vehicle," said Maryland State Police Spokesperson Greg Shipley.

Accident reconstruction experts with state police go so far as to say preliminarily, the body of the victim traveled 200 feet from the point of impact leaving the driver no doubt he or she hit and most likely killed a man.

"Possibly, even carrying that body for several hundred feet on the hood of the vehicle, so it is even possible at this time that the driver stopped so that body slid off the vehicle and then proceeded on from the scene," said Shipley.     

So now the search is on for that vehicle.

Right now troopers do not have even a vague description of the car or truck but say it should have significant front end, hood and windshield damage as well as a missing windshield wiper.

Finding its driver would be the final piece to a tragic puzzle police spent the better part of the morning shutting down most of interstate 97 trying to piece together.

Maryland State Police say they will also be looking at cameras in the area to see if any of them caught an image of the car in the hit and run.

In the meantime if you saw or heard anything that can help -- call state police at 410.761.5130

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