County to put fence around sediment pond


The rescue of a teenager from a sediment pond last week has promoted Anne Arundel County officials to build a fence around the pond, so that no one else gets stuck in the mud. 
The County owned land in the 7800 block of Water Oak Point Road in Pasadena is home to the sediment pond. While the pond may not currently have a fence around it, there are signs that warn against trespassing and barricades to keep vehicles out.
Despite signage, a 15-year-old boy got stuck in the mud for at least 30 minutes before rescue crews arrived. It then took firefighters about an hour to pull the teen from the mud. 
Now, County Executive Laura Neuman says that is going to come to an end. Only hours after the 15-year-old boy got stuck up to his waist in mud, the county took a look at safety measures already in place and came up with a plan to make that pond more protected. 
The County now plans to put a new fence all the way around the sediment pond. 
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