Car repairs tough in this economy

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Times are tough, money is tight and the last thing most people can afford is expensive car repairs.

AAA says 25% of the people they surveyed say they have put off car repairs for the last year.

Some drivers say not getting problems fixed effects all of us and could lead to dangerous cars on the road.

Concerned driver, Mike Davidson says, "It's an expensive proposition, but it's also a social responsibility."

The economy is also changing how people buy cars and many are opting to buy used rather than new.

For people who haven't bought a new car in a while, going to a dealer can be a surprise.

Dealer Lee Zorn from Accurate Auto Service says, "They go look at new cars and they see what they cost now and they have 'sticker shock'."

With other priorities taking precedence many people say they just can't afford the new car or repair bills.

Kristen Osborne from Pasadena said, "rent comes first, they clothes for the kids, and you have to keep food in the house."

Driver Dustin Kutz says, "I got my battery fixed. Now the started sounds like it's going to go. It's tuff. I don't have money to fix the car, but I can't buy a new one either."

Check out the AAA website to see what kind of things you can do as maintenance on your car.

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