Buy local challenge endorses local food

SEVERNA PARK, Md. - It's the fresher and better for the environment and also helps out the local economy. At least that's the idea behind the state's push to get you to buy local produce.

Today the Secretary of Agriculture was at the Anne Arundel County Medical Center endorsing home grown local produce.

Maryland is in the middle of its "Buy local challenge". It wants businesses and you to buy local produce. Now is the time to take advantage of it.

Not only does it taste better, it's better for you.

Charlotte Wallace with the Anne Arundel County Medical Center says "studies show the longer it's been picked, it starts loosing it's nutritional value."

But buying local also has a wide spread economic effect.

Jim Shillinger is a local farmer. He runs Papa John's produce in Severna Park. His family has been working this farm for more than 100 years and he practices what he preaches.

Dan Wilburn likes shopping at Papa John's because he knows where his fruit and vegetable come from. Wilburn says "I can store you don't know."

Local foods do have there advantage.

So if your thinking of going food shopping, why not try a local produce stand. Would you rather have a melon that's traveled all the way across the United States in a truck or get something fresh.

We think the choice is easy.

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