Boaters and business owners get ready for Hurricane Sandy


If you're a boater in Annapolis, you're always keeping one eye on the weather.
When a town is centered around the city dock, the problems that storms bring are nothing new. 
"You prepare for the worst and hope for the best."
That's the mantra for Flip Walters, the Harbor Master for Annapolis.
The rain is not what concerns him the most, it's the wind.
"Central flooding tends to be driven by southeasterly winds."
"It prevents the bay from draining."
"We're heading south for the winter."
That was the plan of Ray Guertin and his friends.
When Sandy started moving up the coast they figured they should head into land.
"Figured we would tie up here for a couple of days and them go into Spa creek to ride it out."
Ray and his crew are doing what any sea worthy captain would do when facing storm preparations.
Crack open a cold one.
"It's 5 o'clock somewhere."
I may look nice out here now, but for those who have been through storms, they know it's nothing to mess around with.
"No, you don't want to mess with it."
"It's dangerous."
"The rains and the winds, I've been out there a couple of times."
"You really don't want to do that."
"You want to always error on the side of safety and that's what we've decided to do."
"Live to sail another day, it's always better than going out in bad weather."
The businesses in Annapolis have to prepare for Sandy.
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