Athlete with spastic cerebral palsy gets helper to accomplish even more

ANNAPOLIS - Born with spastic cerebral palsy, Daniel Tucholski plays floor hockey, lacrosse and golf.  He also competes in swimming, track & field and bowling in the Special Olympics.

However, this 23-year-old athlete from Annapolis still needs help with everyday tasks like picking up dropped objects and calling for help in an emergency.

On Friday Tucholski received that help from a service dog from Canine Assistants, a non-profit that gives service dogs to people with disabilities.

Tuckholski and his new helper are headed to a two-week training camp in Alphraetta Georgia.

The cost to train a service dog is more than $20,000, but recipients get their helpers for free, thanks to donations from sponsors, like the Milk-Bone brand, who donated funds for Tucholski's dog.

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