Del. Dwyer says he was drinking before boat crash

Claims BAC was .2

PASADENA, Md. (WMAR) - A state legislator admits he was drinking alcohol before being involved in a boat crash that left nine people injured.

Delegate Don Dwyer (R-Anne Arundel County) was operating one of the boats that crashed on the Magothy River Wednesday night.

Thursday, he was wheeled out of Shock Trauma wearing a neck brace and a cast on his left foot.

Del. Dwyer said he felt it was necessary to make a statement.

"It is true that I was drinking while I was operating my boat yesterday," he said.  "It's also been reported that my blood alcohol content was point-2."

The legal limit for boaters and drivers in Maryland is point-08.

Witnesses tell ABC-2 News that Del. Dwyer turned his boat into the path of a second boat.

There was one passenger on Del. Dwyer's boat; there were two adults and five children on the other boat.

"There was a lot of screaming when I came around the corner running down the pier -- 'help call 911,'" said Andrew Wendell, who lives near the scene of the crash.  He took his boat out to help the victims.

Wendell says they had injuries ranging from facial lacerations to neck injuries and even a fractured skull.  "It was just hands-on, get them into shore, let's get medical attention," he said.

Randy Harbin was operating the boat that was hit by the one driven by Del. Dwyer.  "Our neighbors are angels. Living in this place has been the best move we ever made. The outcome has been completely incredible. There's no explanation for this miracle that occurred out here," he said.

At his news conference the delegate asked for forgiveness -- and said he regrets his actions.  "My heart and prayers go out to the family that was involved in the incident, and I pray for them to have a speedy recovery," he said.

Del. Dwyer is best known in the House for leading the fight against same sex marriage in Maryland, an issue that will be on the ballot this November.

He did not take questions after making his statement.

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