Anonymous donor allowing Anne Arundel County to offer free pet adoptions

Many people don't think of coming to animal control agencies for a pet, but that's one of the places with animals who need a loving home.

An anonymous donor in Anne Arundel County has offered to pay for all the adoption fees there from now until Saturday. 

That's right you could have one of these cute cats for free.
Scott Harris was the first one to take advantage of the opportunity.
As you can see he has found a new best friend in Maggie. 
"More people should realize dogs need homes and some people don't think about it until something like this comes up."
Marrisha Stewart just came in today because she was thinking about adopting a dog.
She was surprised to hear about the deal. 
"Really! Well I came at the right time didn't I."
To adopt a dog or cat the cost usually range from $26 to $56.
But can you really put a cost on this.
"We hope this will encourage people to come in and adopt because we have hundreds of animals that would love to be home with a new family for thanksgiving."
So if your thinking of adopting you don't have to stop at one, two or three (me holding cats).
You can do as many as you like.
The donor didn't put a limit on how many adoptions he would pay for. 
Free adoptions go through Saturday the 19th, but any time is a great one to add a dog or cat to your family.
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