Anne Arundel police adds new K9 member

MILLERSVILLE, Md. - The newest police officer in Anne Arundel County isn't allowed to carry a gun or drive a squad car.

His real asset to the force is his nose. The officer's name is Koda. He's a 2-year-old German Shepard and Koda and his handler, Cpl Eri Cole just graduated from the county's K9 academy.

The dog is trained to detect narcotics and the scent of humans. He'll help police find criminals that may be hiding, or find lost or stolen property.

“A lot of times at night time he is able to locate things with his eyes or his ears that we can't see or hear,” Cole said.  “He's a big resource tool for the whole agency.”

Anne Arundel County now has 10 K9 dogs. The average K9 can work on the streets for about eight years.   

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