Anne Arundel executive candidates to attend forum

Kendel Ehrlich a candidate

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WMAR) - She is the former first lady, but Kendel Ehrlich wants to be the front woman.  Ehrlich has her eyes set on the Office of Anne Arundel County executive, a seat that opened when John Leopold resigned following a guilty verdict.

"I just think it's significant that I'm a woman after many things that we've read about the prior administration.  I just think the women in the county would breathe, it would be a big breath of fresh air," said Ehrlich.    

Ehrlich says just the fact that she is a woman sets her apart, following allegations of how women were treated in the Leopold administration.  A judge found him guilty of two counts of misconduct in office for having staffers do campaign activities and change his catheter.

"i have had several lives in this county, so I'm really well known.  I was a lawyer in this county, actually when I was single before my name was Ehrlich I was in this county.  I worked as an attorney in this county.  Then obviously first lady of the state," she said.    

The Ehrlichs never left Annapolis following four years in the governor's mansion.  She is now teaching criminal law.

As for 2014, Ehrlich is adamant about not running for office.   She says her only interest is to restore dignity to Anne Arundel County for the rest of this term.

"I think that if the voters were able to decide this, that I would definitely be the strong frontrunner in this scenario," said Ehrlich. 

So far, no one has officially applied for the position.  The deadline is Friday.

Council Chairman Jerry Walker says calls of interest have come in from seven candidates, and Kendel Ehrlich may not be the only woman to apply.  Del. Cathy Vitale has also expressed interest, along with former senate candidate Dan Bongino, Council Chairman Jerry Walker, Councilman John Grasso, Del. Steve Schuh, and Tom Angelis, former director of Anne Arundel County Recreation and Parks. 


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