Anne Arundel County teacher accused of assaulting student

Cameron Brack says he was in class on Wednesday when he asked a question.
The teacher stood next to him to answer, but it's what happened next that has Cameron's parents calling for that teacher's job. 
Cameron says, "He came back and tapped me on the shoulder where it's broken, my collar bone. Then I said that's my bad shoulder so he just repeatedly stuck his hand into my collar bone, where it's at right here, and then I said 'that's bad there, don't touch me there.' And he just repeatedly did it even harder. I pushed his arm away, then he walked away like nothing even happened."
Cameron injured his shoulder a few weeks ago playing football and has his arm in a sling as he recovers.
Since Wednesday, he has been pulled from the class but says he's run into the teacher a few times in the hallways at Old Mill North Middle School. 
 "I figured he would be out of there the next day," he said. 
The Anne Arundel County school board has confirmed the school is investigating the allegation and that the sheriff's office has also been notified.
Cameron's father, Michael, and his stepmother, Cathie, say part of the school's internal investigation included pictures of bruises caused by the alleged assault.
Michael says, "My son had a broken collar bone and for him to put his hands on him was ridiculous. I wouldn't think that a teacher would do that. I understand that he poked him the first time maybe it was a mistake to get his attention but to constantly poke him in his broken shoulder, is ridiculous."
"You're supposed to trust your teachers and Cameron trusted this teacher and this teacher just threw that trust out the window and hurt him," Cathie said. 
Michael tells ABC2 he plans on filing charges against the teacher. 
The Brack family says they were told by school board leaders that there would be a hearing for the teacher on Monday, December 16. 


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