Anne Arundel County Public Schools denied state waiver for snow days

Anne Arundel County Public Schools found out Friday that State Superintendent Lillian M. Lowery has denied the system’s request for a five-day weather-related waiver of the 180-day school year requirement.

"We respect the state superintendent's decision and we're working now to try to work things in a different way," Bob Mosier, Public Information Officer for AACPS, said. 

Anne Arundel County interim Superintendent Mamie J. Perkins is now planning to ask the Board of Education to amend the school calendar to open schools and offices for students and employees on the day after Easter, April 21. That day had previously been scheduled as the last day of spring break.

State regulations stipulate that schools be closed on the day following Easter, so Perkins today submitted a request to Dr. Lowery to waive that requirement and allow schools to be open. If the waiver is granted, Perkins will formally recommend the calendar change to the Board of Education at its April 2 meeting. Should the Board adopt the change, the last day of classes for students would be Monday, June 23.

“Historically, the state Board of Education has granted single-day waivers to systems when the last day for students falls on a Monday,” said Perkins in a statement. “It would be my plan to then ask for that waiver which, if granted, would move the last day of class for students to Friday, June 20, 2014.”

AACPS builds four days into the board-adopted school calendar for inclement weather, but has used five additional days as a result of all of the snow and ice storms this winter. A June 20 dismissal date combined with the calendar change regarding spring break and waiver request would mean that students will have made up all but one of the days.

The waiver requests do not impact teachers and other employees whose negotiated agreements stipulate the number of days they must work each school year. Any discussions on the length of those work years must be held separately.

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