Anne Arundel County fourth grader steps up to help kids in need start the school year right

CROWNSVILLE - While most 9-year-olds are at the pool, hanging with friends and soaking up the final days of summer break, Isabella Stack is working to help her fellow classmates start the school year off right.

Stack loves going to school and loves helping others.  When she heard that Anne Arundel County was struggling to collect enough school supply donations for kids in need, she took it to heart.

"She was very upset, very distressed that kids would go back to school and not have the right supplies," said her mom, Jennifer Stack.

"It made me sad that kids my age don't have school supplies and can't have fun learning like we do," said Isabella.

Determined to help out, Isabella reached out to Tanya Steele, the Special Program/Volunteer Coordinator with the Anne Arundel County Department of Social Services.  The department, along with Anne Arundel County Public Schools, are collecting school supplies for more than 7,000 kids this year.  It's the most Steele has seen since she took over the program four years ago.

"It's an incredible amount and number of students who need that assistance," said Steele.  

Isabella wrote an email to Steele, asking if she could hold a school supply drive to help close the gap.

 "This is something that tugged at her heartstrings, it was a calling for her," said Steele.

It's just what you do when you have a heart as big as Isabella's.

"I feel like I've made a change to the world and the people around me," said Isabella. 

The school supply drive is happening Saturday August 9, at South Shore Elementary school in Crownsville from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.  They are collecting backpacks, pens, pencils and other supplies suitable for children in kindergarten through 5th grade.

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