Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold has waived his right to a jury trial

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Anne Arundel county executive John Leopold. decided to have a judge decide his fate, not a jury.

ABC2News was there as he left the courthouse yesterday afternoon giving up his right to a jury trial.

Leopold nor his attorney would say why that decision was made. It comes after 2 days of lengthy court questioning of more than 300 potential jurors.

Leopold is on trial for misconduct charges. He's accused of using his taxpayer funded police detail for personal and political reasons.

The state prosecutor alleges the 69-year-old 2-term republican leader made officers run errands, conceal an affair and stand watch while he had sex in a county parking lot with a county employee.

Prosecutors attempted Friday to show Leopold knew what he was doing was wrong. 

The trial will resume Tuesday morning following the holiday.

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