Annapolis restaurant reduces its environmental impact by eliminating all trash

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Have you ever wondered where all that trash goes when you haul it to the curb at night? How about when you finish your meal at your favorite restaurant?

One restaurant owner in Annapolis did wonder where the trash from his place went. When he found out, the owner of Harry Browne's decided to find a better solution for the environment.

Rusty Romo figured his restaurant took up about an acre of trash at the landfill every year. Romo did some research and came up with a different plan.

Now, nothing goes to the landfill. Romo has a bin for recycling and a bin for all the food scraps and compostable products. The city takes the recyclable material. As for the compost product, it becomes gardening soil instead of trash.

And Romo didn't stop there, he changed some of this products as well.

"We went with a cornstarch straw, cornstarch plastic cups, and we got rid of the plastic swizzle sticks cause they don't do anything, anyway," explains Romo. "Everybody who works with us is on board with the program."

Employees of Harry Browne's say they are proud of the plan. And even patrons of the restaurant say they are more willing to come back because of the environmental plan.

And if helping the environment wasn't enough, there is also a savings to the bottom line.

"We are saving 50 to 60 percent of what we were before of just having our trash just go to the landfill," boasts Romo.
Romo tells ABC2 that his idea has become so popular that five other restaurants in the Annapolis area have also shown interest in the idea.

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