Annapolis businesses hope to net last-minute holiday shoppers with 11th Hour promotion

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Retail stores in Annapolis are making a late push for business ahead of Christmas.

Now that the craziness of Black Friday is in the past, retailers are looking to get their registers numbers up.

"It started out kind of slow but then once Black Friday hit we got a lot of traffic, a lot of last-minute shoppers" Audra Wiles, manager of White House-Black Market on Main Street, said.

There are six fewer days this year between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Wiles and her staff set sales goals every day to meet to off-set the lack of shopping days.

"Those goals have been close to being reached every single day. We're trying to make our weeks and quotas," Wiles said.

Linda Mann, owner of Shades of the Bay in Annapolis said business has been average despite a number of weather related setbacks.  Summer footwear and sun glasses are hot sellers in Mann's shop when the temperatures are hot, but in the winter she'll settle for average.

"Average is better than down," she said.

Weather has plagued some of the marquee events for Annapolis that would draw more shoppers. The Parade of Lights last Saturday and two midnight madness nights were damp.

Businesses now are turning to an 11 th Hour promotion, where businesses will stay open until 11 p.m.Thursday.

"A lot of us have hor d'oeuvres or hot chocolate and run special sales for the evening," Mann said

All these promotions are there to get more people into the stores and to entice some of the more frugal shoppers.

"Every year it cost a little more so we're just being careful this year as always," Don West, an Annapolis shopper, said.

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