Annapolis "alligator" draws crowds


Annapolis is known for its wildlife, but things are getting real wild at the city dock.

It seems like an alligator has made its way up North.

Well, not exactly…

To passers-by, it looks just like a gator swimming around the city dock. But, what seems like a dangerous creature is actually a creation of Ed Kinze.

Kinze is an electrical engineer who reconfigured a radio controlled boat and put a life-like plastic gator head on it. It has a lot of people fooled.

"It was strange , I didn't think they could be up here" said Annapolis native Berrent Killinstad.

Australia native Tony Keegan was also fooled.  "Never seen a gator in Annapolis...looks like an Australian one," he said.

Kenze says the reactions he sees of those who spot the gator make it all worthwhile.

"I never get tired of seeing people's reaction" he said. "I hope to have a couple built by this spring so I can share them with other people."


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