ABC2 takes the plunge into the dangerous icy waters

Testing out the dangers of icy rivers

Every year we hear of people falling through the ice.  Just a week ago, on the Magothy, two teens found themselves floating away and had to be rescued.

With 520 miles of shore line, Anne Arundel county has the most of any county in the state. With all that frozen water, it's hard to tell what is safe and what is not.  That’s where Eric Hammerick with the Anne Arundel County Fire Department comes in, “The consistency of the thickness is inconsistent. You may have ice on one side an inch thick and a foot later it might be 3 or 4 inches thick.” 

Anne Arundel county fire fighters are always on call to help anyone who has fallen thru. Today they made a rescue, pulling ABC2 News Don Harrison out of the water.

We went out on the ice today to show just how easy it is to go through.  Don went under the ice wearing a survival suit.  Wearing this suit you could last hours in the water, without one, you’ll have a lot less time, “Once you go under and hypothermia sets in you lose control of how to use your hands, so you think you will have control and get off that ice but you won't have any feelings in your hands to be able to do so.”

Those who live on the water, say when they see kids on the ice, a tragedy is always in the back of their minds.  Don Roeder is a long-time resident, “They're helpless. Once you fall through that ice, it's almost impossible to get back on it.”

If you ever see someone fall through the ice, call 911, “Do not try and go rescue them or you will be a victim yourself.”

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