AA County school chief of staff to make presentation on starting high school later

A group of parents hoping to push back high school start time is looking to build more momentum at Wednesday's Anne Arundel County Board of Education meeting.

The parents are part of a group called "Start School Later." According to a news release, the school district's chief of staff is going to make a presentation Wednesday morning about starting high school at a later time. The presentation will also include the findings of a study done earlier this year on the options to reorganize the school schedule.

"Start School Later" argues having high school students begin at 7:17 a.m. damages their health and safety.  They say Anne Arundel County has one of the earliest start times in the state and they want kids to begin their school day no earlier than 8 a.m.

The school district says shifting start and end times is easier said than done. School officials said moving the schedules would be costly because the district uses the same buses for elementary, middle and high schools.  The estimated cost is between $6 and $8 million, according to school officials.

According to "Start School Later," the school board did vote on this issue back in 2006 but the motion failed.

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