AA County removes 40 exotic animals from Pasadena home

Pasadena, Md - He's only 21, but Shane Taylor says his whole life has been about animals.

He got his first bird at age 14.

The second one came a few years later.

Taylor says over time he built up a reputation as an animal rescuer, taking in exotic animals.

 "People call me and say can you find a home for my birds or find a home for this animal for me my friends has this and they're not taking care of it can you talk to them and see if they'll let you take it." Taylor says.

Taylor's personal pets were three birds, two snakes and a dog.

But he had a menagerie of rescue animals including several birds ranging from parrots to chickens, a cat, two turtles, one goat, one pig, one chinchilla, three snakes, salt water and fresh water fish, a tarantula and even a South American Kinkajou, which is sort of like a brown colored raccoon.      

And Anne Arundel Animal Control says he wasn't taking care of all 40 animals properly.

"There were animals that were exotic species that were not even having their basic needs met most of the animals didn't have access to food or water and that that they did have access to was not palpable." Anne Arundel County Animal Control Director Robin Small says.

Small says they first went to Taylor's house back in the summer and he gave up ten animals then and promised to make changes in his care.

She says in that time he acquired more animals and conditions were just as bad and many of the animals were in bad shape.

Taylor says he was caring for all of his animals

"It really really upsets me because if they didn't have the proper food and water, my personal pets for example wouldn't they be unhealthy wouldn't they be underweight wouldn't they show signs of neglect whereas the rescue animals. " Taylor says.

"So of course some of these animals are going to be emaciated some of these animals are not going to be in perfect health .that's how I get them." Taylor says.

For now animal control is keeping all of his animals and has even given some to exotic animal rescue groups.

Taylor says he loves animals and would never do anything to hurt any creature.

 "I would give up anything just to have my dog and my birds and my snakes back the dog Caleb and my birds are the highest priority I honestly don't know what I'll do without them."

All of Taylor's animals remain impounded at animal control.

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