A wandering goat is rescued from an Anne Arundel County street.

Linthicum Heights, MD - Tuscany the adult goat is a bit timid coming off anesthesia.  The staff at Animal Control in Anne Arundel County put Tuscany through surgery when she was brought in Friday morning.  She had a 23-pound chain embedded in her neck.

"She ended up having to have surgery to remove the chain, as her skin had grown around the chain since it had been there for a length of time," said Robin Small, Anne Arundel Co. Animal Control administrator.      

Debra and Cheyenne Howard spotted the goat while out for a walk last week.  She was alongside River Rd. in Linthicum Heights but close to cars.

"I thought that it looked like that we should take care of it because it looked like it was over there, it looked like it was going to die," said Cheyenne Howard.    

They both figured their backyard would be enough room for a goat, and they had plenty of food.

"We brought it home, and I've been feeding it some oats, corn flakes grass, apples," said Debra Howard.   

But the Howards started to notice the problems around her neck and figured she needed medical care.  In fact, Tuscany might be pregnant.  The staff at Animal Control says the 30-pound goat has a very round belly.

But step one was taking care of the signs of neglect.  A sonogram will come later.

"We really want to encourage everyone to properly care for their pets, to educate themselves about the needs that their pets have to make sure they're set up to properly care for their pets," said Small.     

Animal Control has not located the owners.  Anyone with information is asked to call: 410-222-8900.

The adoption process for a goat is similar to dogs and cats, and Tuscany will be adopted when she's fit for a new environment.


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