Bickering business owners struggle over parking shortage in Gambrills

GAMBRILLS, Md. - Two business owners in Gambrills have butt heads recently over a shortage of parking spaces.

J. King's Restaurant on Gambrills Rd. is owned by James King.  The two commercial properties to the left and right are owned by David Kaufman, who used to own the restaurant. The restaurant is becoming more popular, causing an issue of customers parking in spaces that aren’t designated for J. King’s patrons.

"It's unfortunate the small businesses these days can't work together to all try to thrive and do well in this economy," said James King.

Lately, the two business owners have been at odds over the lack of parking that has forced Kaufman to send tow trucks through the parking lot of the businesses adjacent to the restaurant.

The latest incident came a week ago during a J. King's hosted a patio party. King doubled his expectations.  The overflow forced Kaufman, he said, to call a local towing company.  

Kaufman said one of the neighboring businesses, which serves children with autism, held an open house that was hampered by a lack of parking spaces. 

But the story gets deeper with customers complaining of questionable towing practices. Watch the video above for more. 

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