Bill in Annapolis seeks reparations for Holocaust survivors from train company

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Stories from more than 70 years ago are alive in Annapolis.  Survivors of the holocaust Monday asked lawmakers to pass a bill that would offer them some payment, or justice. 

A train company, SNCF, is part of a plan to expand Metro with the Maryland Purple Line.  That same company was also responsible for transporting victims to gas chambers in Nazi-controlled territory.

The bill would require the company and others involved in moving victims to their death to pay survivors' or their families. 

"We must keep fighting for 76,000 souls who were thrown without mercy in those death trains," said Rosette Adler Goldstein, a Holocaust survivor whose dad was killed in a concentration camp. 

The president of SNCF America said the company was also controlled by Nazis.

"We were placed under Nazi command, and those who disobeyed paid very dearly," said Alain Leary.  

The memories of 93-year-old Leo Bretholz make the mission more timely.  His lifelong fight ended on Saturday, two days before he was set to testify on the bill.  A video tribute was played in front of lawmakers. 

Supporters of the bill say they aren't trying to block plans for the Purple Line, but they want SNCF to honor their relatives.

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