911 tapes released in Dwyer boat crash

PASADENA, Md. (WMAR) - The nine people on the two boats that crashed on the Magothy River may owe their safety to the quick thinking of a man named Allen. That's all we know about the man who called 911 and stayed on the line.

All while he was getting on a boat to make sure everyone was safe.

On the tapes you can hear the caller tell the dispatcher what he saw moments before the crash.

"I saw two people go flying," says Allen.

You can hear the caller run to another boat and hop aboard a good Samaritan boat. As they raced to the accident site, the caller describes what he saw.

"There was one boat flying, it seemed like full throttle and the other one was towing some kids. And I'm right up on, like 100 feet away from the boat that was towing people and the whole front is torn up," says the caller. "It's taking on water? Can you see anybody around the boat?" asked the dispatcher.

"A man that has his face all bloodied," says the caller.

On that tape, you can hear the good Samaritans, helping everyone in the water.

"We got them out of the water. We know they're safe. I don't want to move them unless we have to," said Allen.

After the crash, Delegate Don Dwyer admitted to drinking before the crash. So far investigators are still working to determine any charges he may face.

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