23YO woman still hospitalized after bicycle crash Saturday

Other victim speaks to ABC2 News about the wreck

ANNAPOLIS, MD - "You're having the perfect Saturday and then all of the sudden everything is going wrong and you have no idea what happened."

Todd Green calls the experience a nightmare.  One that left the 27-year-old with numerous cuts, bruises and sore muscles.  It also landed Todd’s 23-year-old girlfriend Katie Pohler in the hospital with life threatening injuries.

"I'd give anything in the world to just swap out and be in her situation, she could be where I am right now," said Todd.

The couple was out riding their bikes Saturday in Anne Arundel County on the Baltimore & Annapolis Trail .  After about 5.5 miles they connected with the bike lane along Route 450 South.  The path there is very wide and clearly marked.

"It seemed pretty safe, there weren't many cars around."

But Anne Arundel County Police tell us 54-year-old Robin Colbert was behind the wheel of one of those cars.  And just after 2PM Saturday, officers say things went very wrong.  According to investigators, Colbert drove her Nissan off the road and onto the shoulder where Todd and Katie were riding.  Police spray paint, a large scratch and broken bike parts mark the spot where the accident happened.

"The last thing I remember we were on there for maybe a couple yards then everything went black,” said Todd.  “I woke up looking at trees and somebody was yelling, asking me for a phone number to call and get help."

Pictures taken after the wreck show just how bent and broken Todd and Katie's bikes are.  The details are still fuzzy, but Todd says Colbert slammed into them from behind.

“Hit Katie with the corner of her car, she went onto the windshield, and then they hit me square in the back of my bike," Todd said.

The pair were both thrown from their bicycles and needed to be flown to University of Maryland Shock Trauma.  Todd was released Saturday night, and tells us Katie has a couple of broken bones and other serious injuries.  He hasn’t seen her since the accident.

“I’ve been in contact with her friends and parents, they’ve been with her the whole time and she’s doing better.”

Todd says after a few surgeries Katie is now in stable condition.  Investigators tell ABC 2 News alcohol played a role in the crash, and charges against Colbert are pending.  Details Todd explains are taking a back seat to the health of his girlfriend.

"I'm just pulling for Katie to get better,” said Todd.  “We're all going to be there helping her."



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