Pothole Problems Persist

More than 14 inches of snow in Baltimore in just the month of February has made for a rough ride for many drivers. 
The Maryland State Highway Administration says these roads take a constant beating from all kinds of vehicles. Over the past five years, SHA has spent an average of $2.5 million per year on pothole repairs. 
"It's just been pretty rough. I know I just got new tires and it's pretty frustrating when I'm driving down the road and I hit three or four potholes in a row," Emali Kitchen said. 
Potholes develop when water gets under the road surface, freezes, then expands.
That pushes the pavement up, while traffic stresses the road. When the pavement finally thaws, it slowly falls into the hole and more traffic just makes it worse. 
"You try to avoid them as much as you can but sometimes you can't so it's a pain in the neck, that's for sure," Vincent Sicheri said.
When you can't avoid them, you could see some major damage done to your car as many drivers have seen this winter. 
SHA relies on drivers to report any issues they come across on the roads. There is an online form on their website  (link) you can fill out if you would like to see something fixed.


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