What is the Maryland Dream Act?


We are just 24 hours away from Election Day when we head to the polls to not only choose the next president -- but also decide a few issues. One of them is Question 4-- The Dream Act.

The question here is whether to ratify a state law that would give some undocumented students brought into this country as young children and educated at Maryland high schools eligible for in state tuition rates at state universities.

But this happens only if they satisfy a certain criteria

Their parents must have filed three or more years of income tax returns. Students must first go to a community college where they must earn 60 credits or an Associate's Degree.

Students must be admitted to a Maryland Public University having met all academic requirements for admission.

Only after having established a history of filing tax returns, studying at a community college and academically earning admission to a four-year college would an undocumented student be afforded the opportunity to pay in state tuition.

And because undocumented transfer students would count as non-residents even though they pay-in-state rates they would not compete for college slots with other qualified Maryland resident students.

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