Teen allegedly beaten in Isreal riot was born in Baltimore

BALTIMORE, Md. - 15-year-old Tariq Abu Khdeir was on vacation with his parents visiting family in Jerusalem when the attack happened.  Tariq was born here in Baltimore and moved to Florida a few years ago.  Fatima Abu Khdeir says her nephew Tariq isn't one to stir up trouble.

"He's not a violent boy at all, he does not like violence."

But the 15-year-old from Florida is now caught in the middle of an escalating Palistinian-Isreali conflict.  He was released from jail Sunday, his face still badly bruised and swollen.  Family members say the unprovoked beating attack by Israeli police was caught on camera and you can see them hold the teen down and repeatedly punch and kick him.

"I was brutally attacked when I was just watching what was happening," said Tariq.

Israeli Officials have a different version of what happened.

"This boy was one of six boys who had attacked the police with petrol bombs, with Molotov cocktails," Israeli Ambassador to the U.S, Ron Demer said.

They say Tariq was part of the violent clashes that broke out after the American's cousin was burned alive.  That murder is thought to be a revenge killing for the deaths of three Israeli teens who were murdered while hiking last month, even though it's not clear who is responsible for their deaths.

"It's not a time for happiness over there," said Fatima.

She's spoken with Tariq and his parents over the phone, and even though Tariq's out of jail the teen will spend the next 9 days under court ordered house arrest before heading home to Florida.  A gap that has family members worried about Tariq's physical and mental health.

"He's not even allowed to go to the doctor to see if something wrong with his head," Fatima said.  "He need x-ray, he need medical attention, he need doctor to check him."

Fatima says the violence needs to stop, and those responsible for Tariq's beating need to be held accountable.

"Justice and peace, we want peace, but we want it for both sides."

The United States has called for an investigation into the incident, saying the reports of what happened are troubling.  Six suspects were arrested Sunday for Tariq's cousin's murder.