Gas tax in final stage to be passed

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) -  Maryland Senate gives gas tax increase final approval, sending measure to Gov. Martin O'Malley.

The panel also approved a separate measure for a constitutional amendment that would provide greater safeguards against using transportation money for other purposes. 

The gas tax measure would raise the cost of a gallon of gas by about 4 cents in July by adding a 1 percent sales tax. It would rise to 2 percent January 2015 and 3 percent in July 2015. It could rise to 5 percent in 2016, if Congress does not approve a measure allowing states to charge an Internet sales tax. 
How they voted:
76 Yeas     63 Nays     0 Not Voting     0 Excused (Absent)     2 Absent
Voting Yeas:
Speaker Busch     Donoghue   Holmes   Miller, A.   Stukes    
Anderson     Dumais   Howard   Mitchell   Summers    
Arora     Feldman   Hubbard   Mizeur   Swain    
Barkley     Frick   Hucker   Morhaim   Tarrant    
Barnes     Gaines   Ivey   Murphy   Turner, F.    
Barve     Gilchrist   Jameson   Niemann   Turner, V.    
Bobo     Glenn   Jones   Oaks   Valderrama    
Bohanan     Griffith   Kaiser   Pena-Melnyk   Vallario    
Branch     Gutierrez   Kelly, A.   Pendergrass   Vaughn    
Cardin     Guzzone   Kramer   Proctor   Waldstreicher    
Carr     Hammen   Lee   Reznik   Walker    
Carter     Harper   Love   Robinson, B.   Washington, A.    
Clagett     Haynes   Luedtke   Robinson, S.   Washington, M.    
Clippinger     Healey   McHale   Rosenberg   Wilson    
Cullison     Hixson   McIntosh   Stein   Zucker    


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