Ron George belts out Rain Tax song; Progressive Kick wants to fly us to the Moon - See more at: http

Pub crooner Martin O’Malley, watch your back. Del. Ron George is in the recording studio.

The Republican delegate, who once pursued an acting career, has cut a new music video of the Rain Tax song. “No Taxation with Precipitation,” adapted from “Hanky Panky,” mocks the O’Malley tax increases, particularly the stormwater management fees dubbed the Rain Tax. It has some quality B-roll and even an O’Malley Jib-Jab style flourish.

At 2 minutes 22 seconds, it’s a bit long for a TV ad, but then again, George, running last in polls, has no money for TV.

Fly us to the Moon

David Moon, aka the Juice Man in District 20, is being supported with a 15-second TV ad that includes a funny tag line: “One small step for Moon, one giant leap for Maryland,” done in a scratchy radio-transmission style that mimics the 1969 moon landing.


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