Maryland session to begin tomorrow

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WMAR) - Maryland lawmakers will begin to decide what to do with your money as the session opens tomorrow. The budget isn't the only thing that lawmakers will examine during this session. 

Money, money, money. Legislative leaders say the budget is at the top of the priorities list.
Leaders broke bread today ahead of the upcoming session, with the hope that pre-session luncheons will help tackle some of the tough issues now. 
Unlike last year when passionate debates on gambling and same-sex marriage dominated the entire session.
This year's session is expected to be calmer. So what are the big issues? Funding for Baltimore City Schools, the use of offshore wind power, gun control, pitbulls, speed cameras and more. 
Last month's school shooting in Connecticut is expected to fuel debate on gun control here in Maryland.
Governor Martin O'Malley says "from the ban of assault rifles to the use of large clips on guns and tightening up our mental health system and the security at our schools," are all on the agenda this session. 
Many new and some old issues will be addressed and we will see how it all pans out when the 2013 session begins tomorrow.
The Maryland SPCA is also looking forward to this years session with the hope of improving on a ruling made during a special session that labeled pure-bred pitbulls "inherently dangerous." For more on the SPCAs fight or more about the ruling click here 
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