Gansler, Mizeur concede Maryland governor's primary to Brown

Months of campaigning and years of hopes for Attorney General Doug Gansler and Del. Heather Mizeur to be Maryland’s next governor ended about an hour after the polls closed Tuesday night.

It was a little after 9 p.m. when it became apparent that Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown would be declared the winner of the Democratic primary.

Both Gansler and Mizeur spoke to supporters about an hour after that and conceded the race to Brown.

“If today’s voting and turnout showed us anything is that people are very frustrated in our state,” Gansler said. “The middle class is being squeezed by taxes going up and getting less from a government that is supposed to work for them.”

Mizeur said she walks away from this campaign feeling like winner after running a grassroots campaign that built momentum in recent weeks and garnered national attention and Hollywood endorsements in her attempt to be Maryland’s first female and openly gay governor.

She pledged her support for Brown and promised to keep moving Maryland in a progressive direction, which in recent years included legalizing same-sex marriage and the DREAM Act. She also hopes her campaign moves Maryland toward passing a living wage and legalizing marijuana.

“Tonight was never supposed to happen…,” Mizeur said. “Together we showed them the power a movement can have when we work together for positive change. Everyone here is a part of this historic moment. Everyone here has made a difference…

“I have always believed in the democratic process. I’ve always known that no matter what happens tonight that Maryland would be left in good hands. When I congratulated my friend Anthony Brown tonight I told him that I would be his partner in ensuring his victory in November.”

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