Del. Cardin to introduce bullet tax bill


A Baltimore County is planning on introducing legislation that imposes a 50% excise tax on firearms ammunition and adds a $25 annual gun registration fee. 
According to Delegate Jon Cardin, the revenues would be used to fully fund mental health and the developmentally disable in the Department of Mental Health and Hygiene.
The legislation is set to be introduced this week and is the only bill so far that calls for the money to be sent directly to the mentally ill in an effort to decrease gun violence. 
In a statement, Delegate Cardin said, "the mental health aspect has been missing from the conversation on gun control. At the moment, comprehensive treatment for mental health is more difficult to access than weapons. That's appalling."
Cardin believes that stricter gun control may be appropriate, and is also co-sponsoring this session's assault weapons ban.  
Delegate Cardin added, "I keep hearing things like 'we'll never completely get rid of gun violence' or 'there will always be school shootings.'" I'm tired of that defeatist attitude. I haven't given up on creating a better world where we don't have to be afraid to send our kids to school in the morning because we're not sure if they'll come back. I have a one year old girl. I will not allow even tacit tolerance for the massacre of children. We have to come at this from every angle. We need to get assault weapons off of our streets. We need better accountability for gun owners. And we need to make sure everyone gets the mental health treatment they need, so that someone's personal issues don't result in the death of a child or anyone else."
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