Consumer group looked at 8 bills to evaluate lawmakers

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - So what bills did the Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition use to develop their lawmaker scorecard? 

Here's a breakdown of the key pieces of legislation they evaluated for their report card. 

The group evaluated both house and committee votes in developing scores.

SB 302: Gives state stronger powers to regulate some mortgage lenders.

HB 515/SB 476: Creates a high-level state financial education commission

HB555/ SB295: Allows parents or guardians to freeze credit reports of minors and vulnerable adults

HB 600/SB 580: Ensures mortgage balances written down in foreclosures won't count as taxable income

HB1374: Allows homeowners facing default to go through mediation with their lender before foreclosure

HB1373: Creates a foreclosed property registry to provide ownership information on some vacant properties

HB 571/SB 792: Uses state's bank deposits to fund loans to some small businesses



                                      SB 1302 (Portion of Budget Bill): Budget bill passed in special session includes new tax on smokeless and other non-cigarette tobacco products

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