4 Maryland laws that take effect today


Gas Tax: AAA says that Maryland’s are about the experience the state’s highest gas prices in six years, marked by a half-penny increase in the state’s gas tax, which takes effect July 1.

Maryland drivers already pay 45 cents in taxes per gallon at the pump. The gas tax is schedule to go up again on New Year’s Day.

Grain Alcohol: Alcohol that is 190 proof or stronger becomes illegal in Maryland. College leaders have said grain alcohol provides a cheap way for students to get drunk quickly, and dangerously.

Helping families: About $500,000 of the state’s budget has been allocated for the expansion of programs to help families of murder victims. The money, set aside for the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention, could go toward helping families find lawyers or mental health professionals.

Via email: Families of crime victims can now be notified quickly of court cases through email. Before July 1, all notices were sent through the mail.