Police raid suspected pill mill

Healthy Life Medical Group has been shut down

TIMONIUM, Md. (WMAR) -  A clinic right off the Beltway on York Road in Lutherville-Timonium was raided Tuesday evening.  Some believe the people inside have been pushing pills.

NEW DETAILS | Two arrested, pain clinic closed

People who work in the Beltway Professional Building have sensed something wasn't right since a new tenant moved in last fall. 

Their suspicions were raised even higher Tuesday as officers with the DEA raided the building.  According to Baltimore County police, the DEA agents were executing search warrants with the help of officers from the county. 

For months, we've been monitoring weird behavior at the Healthy Life Medical Group, watching cars from places like Kentucky, Ohio, North Carolina and West Virginia roll into the facility's lot, back into a space and go into the office for hours. 

And when they're done, they immediately hit the highway.

Dentist Dr. Bonnie Culbertson has noticed the out-of-state traffic too.  She contacted police months ago, suspecting the facility was running a pill mill, "They come and get their drugs and they drive off and there's no doctor there.  They're writing scripts.

It's been going on since Thanksgiving and we've been calling."

With the arrival of local police and federal agents, Culbertson feels those calls may finally have paid off. 

She tells ABC2, "I am ecstatic.  I am so happy somebody is doing something about this finally."

We got our first tip about the Healthy Life Medical Group, a pain management clinic, back in December. 

We watched with a hidden camera, day after day, as people in cars from hundreds of miles away visited the office.

The website for Healthy Life lists no physicians at their Timonium address, but we've learned that building may not be their original location. 

An ABC2 News investigation turned up another Healthy Life Medical Group on Reisterstown Road.  That facility is no longer in operation.

According to state records, just six weeks ago two doctors who worked at the Healthy Life facility on Reisterstown Road had their medical licenses suspended by the Maryland Board of Physicians.


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The Board's disciplinary records show the agency believes Dr. Michael Durry and Dr. William Crittenden were prescribing high doses of narcotics for cash without verifying medical histories and while ignoring obvious red flags like the patients being from out of state.

The records indicate that an investigation visit by the Board last summer found people sleeping in the parking lot outside the Reisterstown Road location with numerous vehicles from outside Maryland, just as we saw at Healthy Life in Timonium.

But on Tuesday, patients arriving to that office were greeted by DEA and police, to the relief of Dr. Culbertson.  She says, "It's the first night I can sleep without worry.  My patients, my staff, my community, I think we're going to be safer."

Baltimore County police wouldn't comment further on the warrants, any potential arrests or the case.  A spokeswoman indicated the case was a DEA matter.

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