Poison control dealing with more calls becuse of synthetic marijuana

Baltimore, MD - The video's are on YouTube.

How high you get depends on what's in that particular batch of K-2 or so called Synthetic Marijuana.

Some users are disoriented,

Others experience high heart rates and hallucinations.

Users don't know what they're getting each time they take it hit.

"Think about who's putting this together it's not a pharmaceutical company but some guy or some gal who's purchasing this stuff and spraying it on what is basically grass clippings and selling it."

Doctor Bruce Anderson with the Maryland Poison Center says the compounds that are sprayed on this so called legal marijuana came from attempts by researchers to isolate the compounds that helped relieve pain.

But people have taken those same substances and turned it into a product that can leave the user screaming on the floor hallucinating or worse being rushed to an emergency room with a racing heartbeat, sweating agitation, aggression and an inability to speak.

Anderson says they have seen a slight increase in the number of calls about the affects of synthetic weed but not what has been seen in other areas.

He says staying informed about symptoms and effects is the best way to help the public and doctors.

 "We do a lot to try to educate the public we have information on our website about that people just need to go to our website www. mdpoison. com  we also make sure that clinicians in the community know in the community know what's happening and how to respond to it we do a lot of education and outreach to let people know what's happening in the community."

Doctor Anderson says another thing they've been getting more calls about is so called bath salts.

That's synthetic cocaine or methamphetamine which has causes everything from paranoia to sudden death.

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