OC DUI suspect had record of drug, traffic offenses

BALTIMORE - ABC 2 News has learned that alleged impaired driver Diogo Facchini has a lengthy record that involves drugs, alcohol and traffic offenses in the state of Virginia going back to 2001 with the most recent offense settled in court in 2009.

He was arrested on three occasions for possession of Marijuana the last arrest just four years ago.

Court records show he tried to buy alcohol while underage twice.

Facchini has a record of traffic offenses that range from driving without a seat belt, speeding and operating an uninsured car.

He pleaded guilty to the traffic offenses on each occasion.

It's a record that shows a history of drug and alcohol abuse and little regard for operating a motor vehicle safely.

And on Memorial Day weekend it all combined to a fateful night where police say a vehicle that Facchini was driving hit and killed Matthew Cheswick just days after his 22 birthday.

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