Natural does not always mean safe especially when it comes to treating an illness like cancer

Supplements: What you need to know

Health food stores suggest taking supplements and vitamins for quick results-- without a prescription.

But natural does not always mean safe. That is especially true for someone undergoing serious treatments for diseases such as Cancer.

So before you go out and buy vitamins and herbs, we have some expert advice for you.

Michelle Niesly, who is a Naturopathic doctor from the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, says before you start taking supplements make sure you check with your doctor first.

Different people react differently to vitamins. There also could be negative side effects.

There are some popular supplements that could be good for you. Fish Oil is good for your joints, reduces bad cholesterol, and it's a natural anti-inflammatory. Be careful if you're taking a blood thinner. Fish oil can cause excessive bleeding and bruising.

What about detoxes? Detoxes are quick fixes. It isn't enough for one week to clear up years of heavy drinking etc.

How about Vitamin D? Vitamin D lowers blood pressure, helps with healthy blood sugar, chronic fatigue, headaches and autoimmune diseases.




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