National Georgia pecan month


The holidays just got a whole lot nuttier - November is National Georgia Pecan Month!

Whether you pronounce it "pea-can" or "pu-cahn," it's about time we got to know this nutritious nut a bit better, so here are six pecan facts from the Georgia Pecan Commission:

-There are about 78 pecans used in the average pecan pie.

-Pecans are the only tree nut truly native to the United States.

-Georgia produces more pecans than any other state, and has done so since the late 1800s.

-Pecans are one of the largest fruit-bearing trees. An acre of farmed pecan trees will yield roughly 1,000 pounds of pecans.

-Thomas Jefferson loved pecans so much, he had pecan trees from Louisiana brought to his Monticello estate in Virginia.

-The handles for the torches used to carry the Olympic flame in the 1996 games (which Atlanta hosted) were made out of pecan wood.

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