Man killed in Jarrettsville barn collapse

A home repair job turned deadly.
Lisa Fulco says her father and three workers were inside the storage building when the roof suddenly shifted collapsing on top of one of the men who was working in the loft.
"It sounded like wood sliding, but it wasn't a huge loud noise," said Fulco, "He was on the upper floor so my dad made every effort to try to rescue him with a machine he has, a piece of equipment, but it didn't do anything at that point.  So we're very, very sad about the whole thing.  It's just a big tragedy."
When paramedics arrived 15 minutes later, 32-year old Daniel Paul Dixon of Port Deposit was already dead.
The subcontractor is survived by a wife and three small children.
Upon closer inspection today, we could see where the entire roof shifted on the building.
Whether its supports had been damaged or whether it simply collapsed under the weight of the heavy snow is a matter for investigators at this point, and the victim's body was transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for an autopsy to confirm his cause of death.
"Deputies and investigators are interviewing everyone that was associated with it to determine what they were doing---the sequence of events as to what happened," said Edward Hopkins of the Harford County Sheriff's Office.
The Maryland Occupational Safety and Health Administration or MOSHA responded to that scene and has since taken over the investigation.
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