Two dead in tractor trailer crash in Baltimore County

JACKSONVILLE, Md. - Police and rescue crews raced to the crash site on Jarrettsville Pike, but the fate of two young men traveling in a Volkswagen Jetta had already been sealed when their car swerved into the path of a tractor trailer rig, which flipped over on Gordon Stick's property.

"I was told years ago this was called Dead Man's Curve and the few years we've been here, there have been at least 10 accidents," said Stick.

This accident came in thick fog on a blind curve, and the compact car was no match for the 15-ton tanker truck carrying 45,000 pounds of milk bound for Virginia.

"According to the driver, he was coming southbound on Jarrettsville Pike and there was a northbound car in his lane that had lost control and he had no where to go.  It took out his front end steering and he ended up here in the ditch," said the trucking company's owner, Teresa Pomraning.

Two men in their twenties were pronounced dead at the scene, while paramedics transported a third man from the car to Shock Trauma with life-threatening injuries.

The man behind the wheel of the tractor trailer survived the impact with the car, an ensuing crash into a tree and a rollover as the rig careened off the road, but he, too, has suffered both physically and emotionally from the accident.

"Right now he's at Sinai being checked out for possible injuries of ribs and leg and that type of thing," said Pamraning, "and then after the fact, he will be able to go for counseling and whatever he feels he needs."

Police are withholding the names of the victims until they can notify their families.

The tractor trailer is one of 10 owned by My-T Trucking out of Delta, Pennsylvania that transports milk mostly in York and Harford Counties.

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