Opponents shoot down plan for school to replace Mays Chapel Park

School billed as the answer to overcrowding

MAYS CHAPEL, Md. - You could call it growing pains.

Modular classrooms like those behind Riderwood Elementary School will pop up at every school near York Road before Baltimore County can build a new one.

But the proposed solution is causing some pain as well.

"The school system hasn't been honest with the York Road corridor schools in telling them that the only way their going to fill a school with 700 students here is they're going to have to redistrict every school on the York Road corridor," said Angelo DelNegro of the Save Mays Chapel Park Committee.

If you think shifting students from schools is painful, try convincing the seniors surround Mays Chapel Park that building a school there is the answer.

"It will be the largest elementary school in Baltimore County and most of the people that are in this whole area are older people and there are very few elementary school kids," said Marvin Tenberg of the Falls Road Community Association, "So most of them will have to be either bussed in or brought in by their parents and that's going to be a big problem."

The problem for opponents is the school system already owns the park land and has always intended to build upon it.

Spokesman Charles Herndon says another site in Dulaney Springs could cost millions more since it doesn't have the road or water lines in place to support it.

"This one was really the more viable of the two sites for a variety of different reasons and it is 20 acres.  It would be very suitable for an elementary school."

Monday night's public hearing gets underway at 6pm at Loch Raven High School.

Each speaker will be limited to three minutes.

The board is expected to cast its final vote on the proposed site at its regular meeting Tuesday evening.

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