Family dog bite raises questions of Md. law

John Cherny, a 2-year-old Essex toddler, is in fair condition, recovering at Johns Hopkins following a severe dog bite from Midnight, the family’s mixed breed dog earlier this week.

He has a big cut from his ear to his mouth and several puncture wounds and about another week in the hospital, the boy’s family said. Midnight was killed as she was pulled off the boy. 

The attack raises questions of Maryland’s dog bite laws, which once were catered specifically for pit bulls. Lawmakers say the issue will be brought up again in Annapolis next year for 2015 Maryland General Assembly.

Police and many of the surrounding neighbors described Midnight as a pit bull, but her owner – the boy’s grandmother Regina Cherny – said she’s more of boxer mix with some pit bull. She adopted the dog from BARCS a few years ago.

ABC2 News reporter Christian Schaffer speaks with Kelly Swoope on ABC2 In Focus about the issues raised by the incident. 


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