New security in social services offices after baby stabbing

Mother cleared security with knife in purse

BALTIMORE - They watched her grow up here just off the Alameda, and neighbors say Kenisha Thomas, the mother charged in the multiple stabbing of her own baby, must have snapped.
"She was there to say she did not like the living conditions where her baby was," said Kim Matthews, "As a parent, that's enough to make you snap and if you're feeling like the people aren't responding fast enough to help you then it's something to just make you feel like, 'Oh, nobody's listening.  Nobody's helping.'"
The state is reacting to the stabbing as well.
Human Resources Secretary Ted Dallas says on the day of the stabbing, it appears all safety protocols were followed.
"The suspect in this case, she did go through the metal detector.  Her bag was searched.  We believe the knife was hidden in the bag... possibly in the lining of the bag," said Maryland Department of Human Resources Secretary Ted Dallas.

But in a bid to beef up security, the secretary has announced new measures to help prevent such violence.
"We're installing lockers inside the facility.  Those lockers will be where you check your bag before you go through the metal detector and before you go anywhere near the back of the office where you will have a supervised visit," said Dallas.
If social workers suspect someone could become violent, they also will be able to bring a second counselor into the room and, if necessary, a security officer will be stationed right outside the door.
Meanwhile, a judge this week has ordered psychiatric and suicide risk evaluations for Thomas who faces a series of charges including attempted first degree murder.
"At this point I'm just like, 'God bless her and protect her... help her,'" said Matthews, "She needs help.  Get her help.  Please get her help.  Whoever can do whatever, but at this point, I'm just hoping that her baby makes a full recovery."

The eight-month old in question is a baby girl and Secretary Dallas says she's recovering and getting better each day.
He also wanted to commend his workers for their heroic efforts to defend her, while putting their own lives at risk.   

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